Rules of Professional Conduct Related Ethical Opinions

3.5 Impartiality and Decorum of the Tribunal

87-02: Ex Parte Communication; Misconduct

Except in certain situations, it is not ethical to have ex parte communication with administrative law judge concerning a Case pending before that judge.

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87-14: Fairness to Opposing Party and Counsel; Impartiality and Decorum of the Tribunal

Attorney citing to a trial court a memorandum decision of the Arizona Supreme Court of Arizona Court of Appeals that is not precedent, but for persuasive value only.

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87-17: Communication

Attorney may not have ex parte communications with a hearing officer or administrative law judge for purposes of resolving procedural matters unless expressly permitted by law.

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90-20: Impartiality and Decorum of the Tribunal

Ethically proper for attorney working with Arizona Center for Law-Related Education to communicate with judicial officer on matters wholly unrelated to litigation matters before the court. Such communications are not ex parte contacts.

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93-13: Notice of Change of Judge

Blanket use of peremptory challenges against a particular judge impermissible if purposes is to influence judge's decision; notices should be filed based on case-be-case review.

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