Rules of Professional Conduct Related Ethical Opinions

3.2 Expediting Litigation

86-02: Scope of Representation; Diligence; Termination

Attorney appointed by juvenile court encountering problems in his attempted representation of client due to minor's parents intervention and minor's lack of cooperation.

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90-10: Declining or Terminating Representation; Responsibilities of Supervisory Lawyer; Responsibilities of Subordinate Lawyer; Professional Independence of Lawyer

Ethical obligations of Public Defender and individual attorneys in his office who are carrying unduly high annual caseloads.

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90-11: Scope of Representations; Safekeeping Property; Expediting Litigation

Attorney must exercise independent professional judgment where he has secured and recorded a money judgment, the judgment debtor requests attorney to accept payment and enter satisfaction thereof but client cannot be located to obtain instructions.

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90-16: Expediting Litigation; Candor Toward Tribunal

Delaying approval of proposed written form of judgment in light of another pending case, the ruling of which could justify re-consideration or reversal of court's decision in instant case.

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